Coffee Bar Details

Our bar is entirely mobile and can fit in any space.  All we need is access to a standard 120v power outlet, and bonus if the area is well-lit.  
We will bring everything that is needed to make the coffee magic happen, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Drinks We Serve

We serve all of your basic espresso drinks (think Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha) as well as the basic syrups (chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut). If there is a special drink or flavor you'd like at your event, please ask.

For those non-coffee drinkers, we can make a mean hot cocoa or vanilla steamer. Gotta keep everyone happy!

Our Promise

We understand the importance of convenience, clarity, and getting high-quality product for paid services. We do our best to take all the guesswork out of our coffee bar services.


Our Coffee 

From the second we tasted Oak Cliff Coffee at their cafe in Dallas-Davis Street Espresso-we knew OCCR was the coffee we had to serve! Beyond their premium level specialty coffee, their team has been incredibly helpful and friendly in welcoming us to the DFW coffee family.


Add that special touch.

We love to create menu items custom to your event. Let us know more about you, your guests, and your favorite drinks, so we can have your favorites on-hand.