Welcome to our family

Hey, let’s not be fancy, we’re Steve and Embry. We are absolutely all about being professional and hold our work ethic to a high standard, but we like to have a good time! The history around coffee is incredible, and you will always find us reading more and more books about the history, technique, and growth of coffee. We equally love what coffee brings relationally. We have yet to find something that gathers quite like the small yet powerful cup of coffee.

This is what makes us passionate about bringing a mobile coffee bar to your next meeting, family gathering, or once in a lifetime special occasion. Not only to ensure everyone’s favorite beverage is on the guest list, but because people open up and tell their story when they’re looking forward to, or holding their favorite comfy drink.

Yes, We’ve worked in the coffee industry, and also have combined experience in the events world, but what makes us stand apart is our love for each other, and people in general. Coffee is the tool that we enjoy and use to bring people together.

On a personal note, we’ve been married for almost fifteen years, and have three stunningly wild children who we love being around! Like a lot of parents, they are our why. Having our own business is far from easy, but we’ve been able to launch from the ground up with our kids in tow. We’ve ventured from Texas to California, back to Texas briefly only to finally realize we truly belong in Southern California. So you may have seen our name all over the map, but while we officially launched in Texas in 2017, we have landed back in Orange County to further the dream that started right here in 2010.

Enough about us, we cannot wait to meet you over coffee!

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keep the coffee and conversation going.

- Steve and Embry Munsey and Family